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"At a later date when proceedings have been completed"
John Ward

"It is a nice and less painful method using your services to do all the necessary paperwork and I be given my Decree Absolute and all I had to do was fill in this form"
Lorraine Newill

"Very straight forward and easy to follow - making a hard situation a whole lot easier to deal with. Big big thank you."
Claire Williams

"First stage completed quickly and easily."
Laura Parkes

"I would like to thank you for the way you have set out the questions and gives you the chance to alter it should it be wrong"
Ivan Bass

"So Far So Good, The Whole Procedure seems as straightforward as it can be in what could be a very difficult situation, i particularly like the fact that there is nobody such as solicitors antagonising what is an amicable agreement"
Kevin Gregory

"Received my first set of forms to sign very quickly, the questionnaire was surprisingly easy to use, just completed the second part and looking forward to competing the next stage of my divorce."
Amanda King

"Very thorough and very efficient and polite over the phone. An easy way to sort a difficult situation."
Mark Radford

"The service provided by Managed Divorce is excellent. From the outset I was impressed by the speed and efficiency of the whole procedure. The stage by stage process is simple and easy to understand. The case workers are very polite, helpful and understanding. Any doubts I had about trying to get a Divorce online were unfounded, I recommended the service to a friend who was also started proceedings with Managed Divorce; he is equally impressed"
Gary Clifford Burrows

"Really easy to use and will hopefully make the whole procedure as stress-free as possible."
Clare Whitear

"I am currently in the process of divorce and have so far found the whole process easier and less stressful for both parties involved. As with solicitors acting for you, carefully chosen words are used to compound the aggression between the two parties, "

"It is a little premature to comment yet"
Paul Lennon

"The form is easy to complete, which is what you need as this is difficult enough to go through, I also used the contact us option a few times to which the operators were excellent and the e-mail response was fast, polite and knowledgeable. Thank you "
Richard Gammell

"I have found this service user friendly and cannot believe how stress free a divorce could be and if i had any questions to ask there was always a friendly voice at the end of the phone to answer them"
Mrs Gillian Hancock

Maureen Palethorpe

"User friendly"
Annette Francis

"Very helpful and efficient."
Mr John Peters

"seems very efficient, convenient, easy to follow and plain English for basic people as myself who wish just to deal with a problem without complicated red tape"
Barbara Byles

"Your online help was fast, clear and helpful. It confirmed my faith in the service and took away some of the stress I was dealing with."
Suzanne Lukehurst

"Overall I felt informed, in control and totally on top of the paperwork which normally I find difficult. Excellent service, good value for money. Thank you."
Jenny McGregor

"excellent service, very easy to use"
Michael Peel

"Not as hard as i thought it would be, if only i knew this before."
Jason Napper

"The service you provide is excellent - certainly helps ease the stress of divorce."
Lindsey Palmer

"You are very helpful, It took me a while to look at the best way to go down the rough road of a divorce but your site looked very user friendly and I\'m pleased so far, Thank you "
Robert Christie

"up to now your staff have been extremely helpful and professional and i shall recommend you to anyone who requires your services in the future....thanks"
Alan Mitchell

"Found the questionnaire to be easy to understand and help buttons provided the answers necessary. It helped to be able to sit at home quietly, without an informal office surrounding, as filing for Divorce can be stressful enough without sitting in front of a stranger and having to discuss your personal life. Writing it down is much easier and less painful. Thank you for your online service much appreciated."
Janice Compton

"Found the service excellent and very easy filling the form out"
Mrs Gillian Hancock

"So far the professionalism and service have been excellent, I would have no problem recommending your company to friends and family."
Philip M.A Doran

"very impressed and saves all the hassle of tring to fill in the forms yourself!thanks"
Adam Audis


"Once the information required was to hand, the forms were logical and easy to complete"
Mr K V Peters

"This was simple and straight forward, from the moment I logged on I had help and advice over the phone and on line."
Beverley Shields

"very thorough and user friendly service given"
A Malik

A Malik

"So far, the process has been fairly straight-forward and easy to understand, and I hope the rest of my experience will be similar!"
Petrus Johann Derek Van Duyn

"The questionnaire was very simple and I feel sure that the whole procedure will effortless."
Lindsey Palmer

"Very helpful throughout the whole process"
Liam Hickey

A Malik

Victoria Julie Susan Purnell

"You supply an excellent service"
Paul Bailey Melanie Till

"Very impressed with your service so far. Proceeding with divorce is a very anxious time both emotionally and financially and your service has made this a more comforting and re-assuring process to undertake."
Caroline Louise McGuire

"So far all has been straight forward, pray it may continue as such!"
Alan Mitchell

"Easy to use online, and very helpful staff at the end of a phone if required, highly recommended."
Darren Fosbury

"Helpful and useful, many thanks for your time and understanding - divorce can be disturbing and when you are working you need the professional help and advice you provide."
Gary Anthony Hammond

"At this stage I am thoroughly impressed with the process you provide, and am pleased to be able to use your service on-line, thus avoiding the hassle of finding and visiting a solicitor locally."
Sandra Baker

"The thought of obtaining a divorce was extremely daunting however you have made it easy and painless so far."
Tracey Walters

"Simple & easy to use. The site has been dejargonised and this makes it easy to work your way through. The free booklets made easy reading and left me confident I could take the leap. "
George Bower

"Excellent service, couldn't be more helpful or responsive."
Barry Philip Carpus

"A reasonable cost and quick way to obtain a divorce."
Robert Kent

"The form was extremely simple. Anyone can use this process."
Simon Shepherd

"The first stage of the online divorce, was easy to follow and clear. I was very apprehensive expecting much jargon but it was really clear. I hope the rest of the proceeding continues in this manner."
Rachel Owens

"Very helpful staff and forms were easy to use."
Derek John Gregory

"Great service and easy to use. I wish I'd found this site years ago."
Conway Massam

"This made an emotionally daunting process very simple which I can address in my own time without any stress!"
Maurice Denham

"I am quite pleased with the presentation of your questionnaire and find it easy to follow."
Leo Hollants

"I found the site and the questionnaire very easy to use. Thank you"
Simon Richardson

"So far so good, only had to contact Managed divorce directly once while filling out the Questionnaire and that was dealt with without hassle."
Julie Quinn

"very easy and straight forward to use"
Paul Pritchard

"As a Shift worker i needed a procedure that would be easy to use and this was it. I had time to think of my answers properly and did not need to arrange appointments around my shift pattern."
Lara Ogilvie

"Very simple to use, clearly laid out, guidelines and help texts useful and easy to understand."
Matthew Norris

"The service has been excellent."
Victoria Pearce

"So far, so good. Can it really be this easy! What a great service. Completely stress-free. Thank you!"
Anne Capper

"I was very nervous and unsure about divorcing on the net!!! But it has been good, very painless and stress-free. I can now move on with my life. There is light at the end of the tunnel. I am very pleased with the service."

"I highly recommend this service. Many thanks."
John Cranko

"Straightforward, easy-to-understand forms."
Jason Pritchard

"Initial impressions are really encouraging and I hope it continues so that this is as painless and quick as possible."
Christopher Mellor

"Straight forward, understandable format."
Jonathan Powell

"A very good site, well done for such ease."
Antonio Beiroa

"I always thought solicitors were overpaid! We were quoted ?1000 for exactly the same service. "
Martin Baker

"The support has been absolutely fantastic - quick responses to my e-mailed questions have helped enormously. I would definitely recommend to others in my position."
Kay Nel

"The service I have received so far has been very good."
Nicholas Whitbread

"I was very doubtful about using this service over the Internet as I did not know if Managed Divorce UK was a legitimate company. Now I am so pleased I decided to go down this road as they have completed my divorce in less than 4 months and I have had no hassle whatsoever. I will recommend this service to anyone with no hesitation whatsoever. "
Kevin Gibson

"A great help and easy to use. "

"The process was easy to complete and not as complicated as I first expected it to be."
Peter Beaney

"I was very pleased to know l can simplify the divorce proceedings by using your website."
Evelyn Mnene

"I found the site easy to understand and straight forward."
Sheila Cooper

"Very prompt service."
Karen Simpson

"I am hopeless at finding my way around the Internet and I could not believe how easy this was. We have been meaning to sort out our divorce for ages and this made it all so easy, we wish we had done it ages ago instead of procrastinating!!"
Rosario Reed

"I found it very quick and simple to use. The responses were quick, and very efficient."
Kelly Mitchell

"Very quick and easy to use. Thoroughly recommended."
Tracy Cooke

"Excellent layout and easy to complete the questionnaire."

"Very good and easy to understand."
Kevin Donnelly

"Its unbelievably easy to follow and complete. Highly recommended."
Jacqueline Terry

"I think this is a brilliant way forward in making something that could be very difficult very simple."
Jane Gillespie

"Your help has been invaluable, and advice brilliant everything is so easy and explained step by step. Fantastic!"
Gillian Jones

"Excellent for divorces which are not being disputed."
I Pogue

"I found the forms simple to fill in although very thorough, I feel very confident about using this service, the procedure made a difficult situation a lot easier for me to carry out, thank you."
Mrs Heather Connor

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I called MD at 10am to buy the 24hr service and by 11.30am they had collected my forms from my house...astonishing service...thank you so much

Lucie Sodria