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"The best webpage I have encountered for form filling. so user friendly. I'm only in the initial stages but I have nothing but praise for the service. If you are in agreement then use this service far easier and cheaper than with the high street solicitors"
Anthony Luff

"Just to let you know that I received my decree absolute today. May I take this opportunity to thank you for all your help and advice, you have made the whole process run very smoothly and I would not hesitate to recommend your service to anyone."

"We are up to stage 2 of our divorce and this site has been a god send, no costly trips to the solicitor and everything is moving very fast, the free phone number is excellent for any questions that may arise, overall an excellent, outstanding service, would highly recommend!!!! Thank you so much"
julie teresa torry

"Great website for those who find themselves in the difficult situation of divorce. I am pleased to say (so far) they have been extremely helpful on the phone and have made the whole process very easy and low cost compared to any other method I have seen available."
Jason Woolf

"very helpful staff, very easy website to follow"
Mr Ian Clover

"This has been wonderfully easy to use. It has made a very difficult time for me emotionally, much easier to manage without much hassle or fuss."
India Gary Jenkins

"Having just purchased the product the information and help features have been very useful."
Mrs Andrea Hall

"I found the service extremely helpful."
Andrew Wheatley

"Excellent many thanks"
Alan John Beard

"I found the service extremely helpful."
Andrew Wheatley

"Excellent way to capture the information needed."
Peter Robson

"Whenever you phone you are never waiting that long, and when they do answer they actually care. Overall top notch company, I would definitely recommend."
Stuart Green

"Quick, efficient, easy to use with good telephone support"
Mitchell Parker

"So far everything has proceeded as I was told. Very efficient service."
Gary Gray

"Very easy to follow so far"
Louise Nicole Joyce

"So far so good. Very helpful ."
Anthony Luff

"The forms were easy to fill in, and you have lots of time to do them."
Sylvia Wright

"first section completed in approximately 20 minutes which was far less than anticipated, which is good news considering the circumstances arising over divorces."
Michael Lofts

"The service so far has been very good and I hope it will continue."
Mrs. C.D. Rickwood

"So far so good. I was able to speak to someone from managed divorce when I was unsure about some items on the questionnaire. I found it quite straight forward. Hope the rest of it is as well."
Shannaz Al Jarrah

"So far the service has been very good"
Alan Harper

"I found the forms very easy to complete."
Greig Taylor

Martin Clive Watkins

"I am extremely happy with the service"
Andrew Wheatley

"Extremely helpful and very friendly, hope it continues as this is a very hard time. "
Tracey Mcnally

"Fantastic service "
Michael John Boardman

"I am just at the beginning of my divorce petition, but everyone I have spoken to at quickie divorce have been very understanding and helpful. I hope the rest of it is as easy! Thank you."
Michele Moutray

"I am very impressed with how easy it has been so far to complete all the necessary details which clear and simple instruction. I particularly like the diagram showing exactly where you are up to with regards the process which gives me clear indication of what I need to do and how far down the line I am already."
Julie Geraghty

"What an easy to use system so much better than any solicitor without all the stress"
Wendy Martin

"the service you provide is excellent everything is clear "
Stuart Adrian Mcluckie

"i found the site very informative and easy to use."
Michelle Martin

"excellent service"
Pauline Parsons

"Very good so far "
Terence Newbould

"The application form is very easy and straight forward"
Lee Evans

"Very easy to use and easy to understand"
Claire Humphries

"I am very satisfied with this service so far. Filing for divorce is a stressful thing to do but this way is perfect and all the comfort of your own home!"
Timothy J Stucley

Sebrina Mowat

"I have been very impressed with your service so far, even answering my questions before I had ordered your services. I have no reason to expect anything other than excellent service in the future."
Lindsay Nieuwenhuis

"Easy to use and user friendly."
Jayne Robinson

"Excellent & comprehensive service."
Jayne Robinson

"I found the Format of the Forms and the questions very easy to follow Thank Terry Shears"
Terry Shears

"This is an excellent service that has made the divorce process much less frightening and confusing. With Managed-Divorce, I knew exactly what it costs up front and that I will have as much support as I need via the telephone help-line. Everyone I have spoken with has also been very helpful and friendly."
Ellen Reed

"So far you have been very helpful and your website is very easy to use."
Darren Boland

"Managed divorce initial stages were very easy to use and any complications were explained thoroughly."
James Mcnamee

"Very helpful, patient and professional"
Jason Lurie

"I found the service easy to use, and the advisors at the end of the phone were extremely polite and helpful"
Sarah Coupland

"I found this to be a very informative and easy to use service. I was going to do it all myself and ordered the forms, but even at first glance i knew these were going to be a pain not to mention the fact that filling in 3 forms, 3 times was going to take an age! This is a much better way!!"
Leigh Matthews

"I have always found the service prompt and the staff on the other end of the telephone helpful and knowledgeable. It has meant that I can conduct my divorce from home without time consuming and expensive appointments with a solicitor."
Amanda S Jones

"Service has been very good so far. Sarah was very helpful on the phone and answered all my questions and concerns. thank you."
Melvin Gomery

"Very Supportive, non-judgemental Staff who took time to listen "
Jackie Dawn Archard

"when divorce is completed"
Graeme Warnell

"Managed Divorce has been a great help to me, as this has been a very traumatic time they have made everything go so smoothly with no glitches at all. Thank you so much to the team as I am in the last leg of getting through my divorce and all is still very professionally handled."
Eunice T Chambers

"I am very poor with paper work, this form and layout makes it so simple to complete. Thank you"
Gary Smith

"So far, so good... very easy to use!"
Julie Petty

"Through the stressful time that I have gone through, Managed Divorce\'s help and ease of use ensured a hassle free and a cost effective means of going through the divorce with the least amount difficulty. I hope I do not go through a divorce again but I recommend this service over solicitors any day."
Manish Kumar Kainth

"I purchased the application pack and when I started to complete the forms, I realised I needed my marriage certificate which I didn’t have so had to order 1. Your company very kindly phone me a few days later to see if I had had a problem with completing the forms!! Fantastic customer service. Let’s hope everything continues to be as easy as this first part."
Kevin Holmes

"Quick and easy and as painless as a divorce can be. Many thanks"
Neil Perrett

"Very clear indeed and so far so easy to use. Well done I wish more web sites were like this. I even jumped around a bit on the forms and there appeared to be no snags too which is great."
Richard Knocker

"The questionnaire was very simple and easy to use. It took a matter of minutes to complete."
Glynn Cooper

"The form appears very straightforward. The questions are easy to follow and during this stressful time it is nice not to have to worry too much about completing the form."
Mrs M Perry

"Stage 2 started... it still seems a very good service!"
Julie Petty

"Very good and easy to use."
Stuart Manton

"A simple, straight forward way to file for divorce in your own time without feeling intimidated."
Silvio Barbieri

"At such a tough time, so far the service has been very helpful and easy to use."
Sarah Platt

"Excellent site. Easy to use and removing any complications from the whole process of divorce. Would recommend to anyone."
Stephen Gerard Duffin

"The forms were very easy to complete and took the complications out of the whole process."
Stephen Gerard Duffin

"Brilliant, only wish I had found this website earlier!"
Gillian Scott

"I found the entire process of instigating proceedings to be simple and clear. The information I received was very useful and the approach was friendly and informative. I felt that I was encouraged to ask questions and was made to feel very comfortable throughout the phone call, a detail that I was very grateful for. "
Janet Burgin

"I will once I have completed the process. "
Patrick McGregor

"Excellent and easy to use."
Gillian Scott

"Very straightforward."
Alexis Lazarou

"So far so good, format was very easy to use. Simple questions and easy to understand. Takes the pain away of visiting a solicitors office and all the form filling to do. It’s great that I have someone to do all this for me, and I can ring them to should I need too. Can\'t wait to be divorced now and to get on with my life."
Victoria Pine

"So far pleased with the easy process."
Alexis Lazarou

"I have been particularly impressed by the phone manner of one of your phone operators, Alexis. She has been very knowledgeable, polite and empathetic."
Nathan Welch

"Have Just Completed Stage Two, Very Easy To Follow Forms, Hopefully Will Be A Quick Process Until The Decree."
Melvin Gomery

"So far I have found the site easy to follow and I look forward to a quick and easy end to the proceedings"
maralyn streeter

"very straightforward easy to understand."
Peter Ian Wallis Westmacott

"The telephone service was excellent. Any questions I had they were all answered with confidence and correctly. As I am always a little wary about doing things in the internet. Thank you"
shazia ifraz

"I have found the secretaries on the telephone very helpful."
Simon Lamond

"i am very pleased so far with the service provided, the care and professionalism shown is great, i was not expecting to receive phone calls regarding my situation and how i was doing, but was pleasantly surprised and felt more at ease when i was contacted via phone, thank you very much"
mrs fufila hirani

"very easy to understand it and very quick procedure"
reda adim

"The process has been very easy"
Christopher Charles Metcalf

"This is a new experience for me & I hope the simplicity of this process so far continues and concludes in the desired result & May I thank you for your assistance this far. Ian Hulf"
Ian Richard Hulf

"good patient service, especially on the telephone when in a panic"
Jean Sproule


"At such a distressing time finding this service was helpful and therapeutic to the process, quick and easy to use and not scary at all!"
Melanie Skinner

"Have found your service to be very efficient and straightforward to understand."
lee david partridge

"A very good service that you can use in the privacy of your own home. It takes away the pain in dealing with a stressful situation."
Paul Bishop

"so far I have received excellent service, I was contacted by phone within a few days of setting up my account and was able to speak to the consultant who will be advising on my divorce. This enabled me to ask a few questions and he put my mind at ease."
Mrs Hilary June Lawrence

"Very user friendly website."
Sharmila Ganeson

"helpful staff, very easy layout of questions. not complicated. i like the help features for each question"
Ottis Thompson

"Very easy to use so far, even for me.."
Martin Davies

"Actually filing for a divorce is not a happy occasion but with this service it was simple to use and helpful so i did not have to dwell on the situation in hand - Kind regards Pam Hugill"
Pamela Jane Hugill

"Very helpful when I rang to find out the best package for me. The questionnaire was straight forward and easy to follow too."
Tracey Walker

"So far the service has been excellent. The process is simple to understand and helps to take the pain out of something that is very stressful."
Kevin nairne

"Managed divorce have taken the stress of dealing with the courts out of an already very stressful situation. Thank you for your help."
Adrian Smythe

"very helpful on telephone"
Mark Skinner

"I was appointed a young lady called Sarah to handle my case, and through all my unfamiliarity and confusion, she made sense, both to me, and for me, and made the whole procedure, considerably less painful than I had anticipated. I would say, I would use them again anytime, but due to the nature of their business, I sincerely hope not to have to. But would willingly highly recommend to anyone I knew in the same situation."
vincent haigh

"having only just filled in the questionnaire, which i found very clear and easy to do so(even with the 1 finger typing)the whole process is not as frightening as i first thought, and the people at the end of the phone for help are really helpful and friendly.."
Mr Elmes


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I called MD at 10am to buy the 24hr service and by 11.30am they had collected my forms from my house...astonishing service...thank you so much

Lucie Sodria