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"Managed divorced is a great way to track a divorce and the phone and email services are excellent. Highly recommend it."
Aza Nahhas

"Although this is early in the proceedings the operator when i called in was very positive & assuring which put me at ease & as you well know when these kind of things happen in life you really need people to listen & not be too negative. Many thanks."
Paul Martindale

"I called earlier in the day and spoke with Paul Phillips who was very friendly and helpful in answering my questions."
Amber Reece

"Very straight forward and actually a pleasure to complete!!!"
Kelly Pollard

"Although i have only just completed stage 1 i found it all easy to use, and the helpline was very handy and the staff very knowledgeable and efficient."
Carl Ian Mantle

"So far, the service has been brilliant. I have had a courtesy call to check that I understand all the forms and procedures and whether I have any queries. There was a mistake on my form and I have been notified immediately to change it, so as to avoid any delays. As am only at the beginning of the procedures, I am very much hoping that i will continue to find the same high standard of service, so I can confirm that the service is brilliant throughout the divorce procedure."
Debra Edge

"Managed divorce is simple and easy to use. Once i had the required information, which in my case was minimal the completion of the forms was easy. The specimen answers were of great help."
Nicholas John Fribbens

"very good and helpful service"
Dawn Mason

"I have had to call twice to clarify the information I am providing as it is a complicated situation. Your staff have been incredibly gracious and helpful on the phone and have made an already difficult process much easier. Thank you."
Amber Reece

"I had no idea how the divorce system works. I found managed divorce on the internet and they sorted it out for me. It seems to make it less painful that i thought it would be and it’s a lot cheaper than going to a solicitor."
Andrew Paul Davies

Rhona Anita Thake

"Very easy process and much less daunting and costly than going to solicitors office"
Mark Worthington

"Very pleasant telephone manner and very helpful."
Brian Holey

"Professional, simple & delivering a clinical service, saving a valuable amount of time doing this on-line."
Edwin Bessant

"Quick and friendly"
Norman Mark Hylton

"Excellent and prompt service. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone."
Ridwuamur Sooplle

Regina Evans

"Very easy to fill forms. Saves time for busy professionals."
Christopher Ohia

"Very happy with everything. Quick and easy to use. Straight forward."
Catherine Teresa Galbraith

"Very friendly and very clear. "

"Very easy to use takes the pressure off while going through other issues when going through a divorce."
Toni Bentley

"Paul Phillips was very helpful"
John Trevor Waite

Regina Evans

"We all know that divorce is stressful. Managed Divorce deals with this and I believe greatly reduces the extra stresses. Thanks"
Paula Haynes

"So far, so good - first steps taken, hope that things go as smoothly from now on."
Michael Smith

"The service I have received so far has been fantastic. Divorce isn\'t the easiest of tasks to undertake, so from the lady on the helpline to the people who prepare and send the paperwork I thank you for making what could have been a very stressful time a whole lot easier. "
Des Clift

"Very good service, on the phone and on the NET"
Steven Barden

"very easy to use no fuss in what is a difficult time "
Graham Phillips

"Very easy so far..This is only the form filling stage"
Roy Wheatley

"excellent service. With you all the way."
Richard Mason Gregory

"quite satisfied thank you"
James Brown

"Very professional service, when contacting on phone very helpful, forms were straight forward and easy to use."
David Thomas Lang

"I checked with few high street solicitors their charges were huge and I had to rethink about my divorce. Managed divorce charges are reasonable. It was really simple and easy to use your questionnaire. Praying that my divorce would be successful. Once my divorce goes through will surely recommend to my friends. As couple of my friends are currently sailing in the same boat as myself."
Venu Gopal

"Excellent service, help always available. This service takes the pain out of getting divorced."
Richard Vezey

"very clear and helpful guide when filling out forms"
David Thomas Lang

"Clear very easy to follow service - will recommend !!!"
Stephen Tyler

"Just taken the first steps easy to follow instructions and excellent presentation of the documentation completion process. As an infrequent user of computers I found the whole process very easy. "
Josephine Eden

"It was such a relief to call Managed Divorce for advice and find their staff very helpful, supportive and understanding. They made a difficult process slightly easier to go through and have reassured me that using their service will result in a quick and relatively painless divorce, which I was hoping for. Being able to obtain information and complete the relevant documents online makes the whole process so much easier."
Lauren Tippett

Miss Joanne Rogers

"Very clear and easy to follow instructions. Very helpful on telephone. Return of documentation is very quick."

"Only just started the process but so far I am more than happy with this user friendly service,"
Samantha Watson

"The process was relatively simple but when I had a query about a certain question I phoned the free phone number and my query was answered quickly allowing me to proceed and complete the form. Overall a good service and I would recommend it to others."
Robert James Newson

"I spoke to Paul Philips who was both sympathetic and extremely knowledgeable - nothing was too much trouble and he answered all my questions thoroughly and completely. Very impressed!"
Anthony Richardson

"This is an excellent service, because I am in a full time job it is so time consuming to fill in forms, it’s so nice for someone else to help me out as it’s not the nicest of things to have to do."
Naomi King

"Simple and easy to use"
Kevin James Clinton

"i found you were very helpfully indeed."
Michael Mose

"Thank you for such friendly service on the phone. That makes a difference, it\'s much appreciated."
Steph Cox

"The Website is very easy to use and the service on the phone with every operator is first class.... they make a stressful process easy!"
Paul Raymond Frank Urmston

"Overall probably a good service, shame that bureaucracy has struck here as well and nothing can be done simply. Overall though I would say that the staff are friendly and helpful and the service is good value for money."
Antonia Bairstow

"Just begun with this service, so far so good."
Andrew Malcolm Claxton

"So far so good."
Andrew Malcolm Claxton

"Will do once we\'re done! "
Sarah Lamond

"Good easiy to follow instruction on all forms"
Samual Allen

"A very clear and easy procedure to follow, the service could not be better would not hesitate to recommend to others."
Stephen Tyler

"Excellent Service in regard to completion of the questionnaire "
David Cantrill

"easy to use and straightforward"

"Very user friendly questionnaire format. No legal jargons or complications."
Christopher Ohia

"I have just submitted the initial forms to 'Managed-Divorce', and found the site and forms easy to use and complete. I was pleasantly surprised. Staff during telephone conversations have also been very helpful so far."
Penelope Ormerod

"very very good site"
Phillip John Le Coupeur

"I am happy to speak to a friendly voice on the phone this went a long way to calm my nerves especially since divorce is a sensitive issue. It boosted my confidence in the company and I am glad I have chosen to use managed divorce uk"
Omotolani Sarumi

"In the first stages of my divorce process I have been very satisfied with the proceedings. I have yet to go through the steps required to complete the divorce."
Elizabeth Lilleanne Macleod

"Excellent service, I received a phone call almost immediately after submitting my initial form. This call was very helpful as it opened new doors to me, offering me many options I hadn't even thought of. Many thanks."
Anthony James Hullah

"I initially contemplated completing all the relevant forms personally in respect to getting divorced. However, after speaking to the staff at Managed Divorced, I was pleased I chose to use the service offered as it was exceptionally straight forward & quick."
Mr Andrew Maylett

"fantastic easy to use even for people like me with minimal computer skills. Thanks"
Tony Paul O'Callaghan

"I called a lawyers firm first when i decided to get a divorce, first they were very unwelcome and the whole procedure would have cost me ?1300. But then i phoned managed divorce free phone line, the lady who answered my call, Martine, was very helpful and even though i was feeling down she made me smile. Everything was straight forward and low cost the questionnaires were easy to fill out. I have a 6 month old baby so it\'s important that i get all the information and help as a single mother, and the quicker things get done the quicker i\'ll get on with my life. They deserve every penny for providing their services with excellence. Thank you to everyone on the advice line."
Cigdem Aygun

"Help & response was very good."
Carol Mormoyle

"So far so good!Easy to follow and great telephone support service."
David Duncan

"So far the support is excellent."
David Duncan

"Was very impressed to receive a phone call whilst filling out initial details when a representative double-checked to ensure eligibility for their service. A nice touch that gave me confidence to use the site"
Daniel Woodward

"I was very pleased and impressed that i received a telephone call within minutes of submitting my details. They were very helpful. I would recommend this service to anyone."
Tracy Jane Hamilton

"All telephone communications have been polite and helpful. No problems at all. "
Elaine Dunn

"Every time I contact customer services, I always get to speak to someone who is accommodating, warm and clued up!"
Muhammad Zayne Shihab

"At this early stage I would say your service has been very good and will be pleased to make another statement at the end of the proceedings assuming it all goes through with the same efficiency that has been shown up to now."
Richard Jarvis

"I am very satisfied with the service provided to me immediately upon contacting Managed Divorce UK and If the rest of the service is the same I think they must be commended on a job well done which is as sensitive as a divorce can be "
Peter Joseph Cosquieri

"So far so good!"
Nigel Raymond Williamson

"Very good so far"
Neil Ambage

"The service and advice I have received to date has been most friendly and helpful and at this point I would recommend this service to anyone."
Pat Field

"When I wanted to ask a question there was always a friendly voice on the other end of the line. I have only just started process, but it has been a positive experience. "
Carla Hanson

"Excellent easy to use site"
Kevin Adkinson

"Great Service, and if you ever have any additional questions they are happy to help."
Carline Wright

"So far so good. Hope it continues."
Victoria Hinchliffe

"Very easy to use"
Timothy Baguley

"Thank you for taking the pressure out of getting a divorce. "
Andrea Elizabeth Hunt

"Website was user friendly."
Jim Nelson

"Great service, forms are ease of use, and if you are going on the cheap, rather spend the little extra and have your forms checked over for you."
Gary Smith

"You got an excellent customer service always willing to help and answer questions in a satisfactory way"
Abraham Mansaray

"This service is far better than the traditional high street solicitor service as all forms are completed at home in familiar surroundings and the humanity is not forgotten during a stressful time, you are able to see every stage clearly laid out. My contact at Managed Divorce is very helpful. This company proves that an internet based service is not impersonal. "
Graham Small

"I have found the service to date very helpful and easy to use"
Nicholas McMullen

"I have just filled in the 1st questionnaire and it was so easy and straightforward. Hope the rest is as easy as this.."
Mrs Karen Brundrett

"A very user-friendly service, from the initial phone call to the online process. Just what I need at such an emotional time in my life."
Floret Angeliaque Halliburton

"Excellent support from Alexis, especially as I reside in the USA and had initial problems"
Jason Eaton

"At the moment everything is going soooooooo very smooth!! Thank you a stress full situation made easy xx"
Sarah Eileen Worth

"I found when i had a problem understanding something to do with completing this form i made a phone call and was helped till i was totally satisfied which was a great help to a none computer person. Thank you "
Nigel Leivers

"So far within the whole process which is always difficult has been assisted and made easier with the helpfulness of the team."
Sarah Platt

"So far the service I have received has been first class. If you can get me my divorce asap I will love you all forever. Many thanks."
Nicola Clarke

"This service has made a very complicated procedure much easier"
Leigh James Remedios

"Terry Shears Vine Tree Inn, Very Happy with the first class service supplied by Managed Divorce. Recommended to anyone with a stress free divorce."
Terry Shears

"All staff on the telephone are very helpful and friendly and make the whole experience of getting a divorce much less stressful and more easier than doing it alone. The website is very easy to use with step by step guides and helpful tips."
Patricia Mary McCabe

"I found the website easy to use and the process supportive as I could do this in stages and in my own time and call for additional advice when needed."
Frances Mackenzie

"Early days at the moment but seem very helpful and well organised"
Simon Stanton

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I called MD at 10am to buy the 24hr service and by 11.30am they had collected my forms from my house...astonishing service...thank you so much

Lucie Sodria