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"So far so good! Deciding to get divorced is difficult enough so having a straight forward process to get this process completed is a welcome service. "
Kimberley Lumley

"staff very helpful"
Carole Jane Drury

"For a person like myself who is not very good on line, the help by your staff katie and martine was superb"
Mark Burn

"Not as daunting as I anticipated, so far so good."
Amanda Morgan

"I found everything straight forward to follow."
Andrew Martin

"very helpful (so far) friendly manner on the phone and actually wanted to help very refreshing especially when divorce can be hard a pleasure to be represented by you thank you"
Gordon Young

"it was very helpful, also having the back-up helpline helped"
Caroline Morrison

"so far i have found managed divorce to be very helpful in all questions i have asked them, and in the handling of my divorce"
Brian Martin Laszlio Cook

"I found the service very easy to use and the phone is always there in case of questions"
Nev Dunn

"It has been very reassuring to go through the dreadful business of a divorce with a professional, affordable company who provide a comprehensive and efficient service. The people are understanding and extremely helpful and the whole process has been remarkably less stressful than I imagined thanks to their very thorough but easy-to-follow service. "
Lauren Tippett

"very good service"
Melcaenne Borreros

"Your service has been easy to use and very efficient. "
John Adrian Cowell

"Once the process has been complete"
Patricia Michelle Prince

"felt the service sounds very good thank you"
Janet Leigh Terry

"I have always found your staff (telephone operators, legal advisors) to be extremely helpful and constructive. I can't praise them more highly. Furthermore, they always sound cheerful! I imagined this whole procedure would be a nightmare. But it\'s proved to be a smooth ride."
Simon Lamond

"Easy to follow form thank you"
Janet Leigh Terry

"The site was very easy to use took all the hard work and worry out of this very difficult time would recommend this service to anyone."
David McFee

"Filling out the forms was easy would recommend"
Anthony Michael Trembath

"so far so good. very easy to use. Great customer service on telephone. Would recommend."
Nicola Batters

"I was fortunate that my husband and I agreed to most matters both financial and in relation to the arrangements for the children, therefore the process was very straightforward."
Tracey Garratt

"So far the service seems easy to use"
Melanie Prichard

"service quite easy to understand and use"
Brian Weller

"Following conclusion of divorce."
Richard Jarvis

"Its early stages yet, but so far its good service"
Russell Corney

"From the first phone call last week, I have found Martine Evans to be very kind, understanding, knowledgeable and efficient."
Ian Steven Gilliver

"The staff of this company where extremely helpful, and made things very uncomplicated"
Terence Mcghee

"Very easy and clear, so far so good"
Gary Perry

"Already have you are very efficient."

"Very efficient and very pleasant customer service representatives, who took the time to explain the features, I therefore feel very comfortable with my decision to use this service. Thanks"
Christobelle Keelson

"So far it has been very good and easy, the proof will be in the final divorce"
Ian Campbell

"I found your service very easy to use and your staff were very professional and helpfull"
Barry Williams

"i found the service quick and efficient and above all the staff very helpful and friendly and I would definitely recommend this service to anyone else needing a divorce"
Marie Dix

"easy and straightforward so far. People on the helpline very helpful."
Pravir Sharma

"Very pleased with the way my case so far is being handled and taking the pressure away from me at this difficult time"
Deborah Antoniades

"I am very impressed on the first day of the service how quickly things are followed up. Within the first 24 hours, one phone call and two e-mails. "
Albert Maxwell Martin

"at this early stage i am very impressed with the service and helpfulness of the staff."
Mark Cox

"Martine was very helpful and understanding during our telephone conversation "
Christine Robinson

"I have been speaking to a lady called Gemma Treadgold. She was brilliant on the phone, very helpful and very pleasant to speak to. She made this process a lot less stressful. Thank you "
Lynn Loomes

"Very quick and easy to use, Beth phoned me back and explained the service clearly to me"
Mark Colborne

"I will provide one when my divorce is granted."
Magdalena Brajer

"being someone who is not good with computers, the help the ladies have been on the phone, has been very helpful, going through this difficult time the patience and skill the ladies have shown has been superb. Many thanks to your staff for their help when i have been so unsure."
Mark Burn

"First class service, All the problems solved for you. I can recommend Managed Divorce to be the number one divorce website."
Roy Wheatley

"I found the people I spoke to very caring and understanding."
Sylvia Kerry

"Hope the rest goes this easy."
Nigel Wilson

Karatay Yilmaz

"Simple to fill out, and all questions I had were answered immediately by staff on the telephone line"
Helen Weaver

"The forms were easy to follow thank you"
Kenneth Sellick

"Stage 1 of my 'Life recover Plan' submitted. Easy to use web site. Quick response to questions so far, very happy. Thanks"
Gary Taylor

"The services provided so far are satisfactory... This is only the initial stage."
Colin Philip Shaw

"I found it to be very easy to do and very informative i would tell my friends thank you "

"Quick and easy to use, no hassle."
Anthony Jobling

Claire Williams

"Very easy and simple to follow and the help pages were very useful"
Tracy Michelle Cooper

"Up to date I have been extremely grateful for the helpful advice that i have been given whenever I have needed it. At such an upsetting time it has been heart-warming to hear a friendly voice that has been very helpful on the other end of the phone. I can only hope that the steps following in this process are as easy."
Katerina Gatto

"The call handler was very sympathetic and helpful, her name is Gemma."
Sandra Smith

"Pleased with the service. Very prompt action and replies. Very patient staff."
Mona Ping Yu Yuen

"Very impressed to date with service provided"
George Hoskins

"So far this has been very easy to fill out."
John Mckeon

"Yes but not yet I haven’t had any service yet."
Elvohn Goodwin Self

"A straight forward and easy to complete form of detail. The service from the team at Managed Divorce is both highly professional and courteous."
David Taylor

"The form was very easy to fill out which I feel is extremely important as the business of divorce is never an easy one .The layout and presentation of the form helps to reduce the hassle factor of providing the information required."
Ian Sowerby

" I have found this a very satisfying and easy way to proceed with my divorce; something i really wasn't looking forward to, has turned out to be easier than i thought, especially when someone is on the other end of the phone when you want them."
Siddha Das

"Very good with phone advice if needed."
Andrew Allen

"So far the service has been very good any phone call I have made has been returned I hope I have completed the form correctly but i am confident if I haven't you will be in touch with me. Looking forward to a very efficient service "

"It is very easy to fill out and very easy to complete, a very good service as well as being relatively inexpensive"
Ian Campbell

"Very simple to use and the telephone staff are very helpful "
David Hunt

"If this is the hardest part of the process, it’s fantastic, it took me only minutes to complete and thereafter I really felt free."
Marcia Thomas

"I thought the Alexis who works for the 'Quickie Divorce' company was friendly, reassuring, patient and thorough. Thank you for making, what is a very stressful situation less painful."
Jane Pexton

"Highly recommended. Clear, concise and rapid answers to questions."
Glyn Braithwaite

"Easy to follow procedure, well laid out with a clear 'help' section. Good to know I have a case manager I can contact if I need to do so. Helpful, calm, friendly staff answering the phone initially."
Sheila Moir

"This process has given me confidence to carry on with my divorce I have had solicitors advice and the cost scared me this was painless thank you"
Denise Ralph

"I thought Alexis who works for Quickie Divorce was very reassuring, patient and understanding considering the circumstances. Thank you very much for making what is a stressful situation much more comfortable."
Jane Pexton

"People have been very helpful and supportive in my request to file these papers. So far the procedure has been straightforward and simple."
Sue Davies

"very good service so far, thank you."
Anna Niziolek

"only early stages, but very good so far"
Martin Codling

"Helpful and clear. Just what is needed at a stressful time. The managed service that checks your forms is really useful in avoiding small but significant errors."
Richard Brice

"the forms were uncomplicated and easy to understand."
Ian Trice Overton

"Great having someone to hold your hand! "
Kati Cowley

"The service you provide is quick an efficient and I would recommend it to other people. Being able to track the progress of my application is also a big plus."
Elaine Manning

"This really takes the hassle out of going to the courts and filling in the paperwork."
Derek Hodson


"I am no computer whiz but even I was able to negotiate this divorce minefield with not much trouble. So far I have found staff most helpful and courteous. Keep it up! "
Doreen Palmer / Konima Yimbo

"I have found the guidance good, and a prompt and polite response to telephone enquiries from a UK call centre."
Philip John Westerman

"Very polite and helpful on the phones it seems too easy"
David Manning

"From my point of view it was nice and clear."
Kevin Davison

"Going all good so far. Glad i have the option to upgrade to a solicitor package if any legal problems occur that i cannot cope with."
David A Barron

"The format used is very simple and easy to use. I was not stressed out with legal jargon... This is very user friendly"
Shelly Franklin

"So far, having just completed the questionnaire, everything seems relatively straightforward. I hope the good start continues!"
Jane Fernandes

"i was very pleased with the service u have provided so far"
Jonthan Laughton

"Fantastic site and service. They made it very easy and painless with no uncomfortable processes. "
Sfeftan Oconnor

"I have found this service very easy to use and the staff are very helpful. You are not made to feel like a fool when you ask questions."
DORRANCE Palmer / Konima Yimbo

"I have just completed the first part of the process and find the service excellent, the staff could not have been more helpful. Well Done to you all. "
Graham John Black

"Needless to say divorces are stressful and on top of that I was quite nervous about a divorce 'online'. So far, it is quite stressful and additionally it seems to be taking away the normal associated stresses that go along with divorce. My fingers are crossed that it will continue. Dare I say - I feel quite optimistic about a quickie 5 year separation divorce. Paula"
Paula Haynes

"Managed Divorce.Com provides a decent, helpful service for those seeking to divorce. Their objective seems to be keeping their clients satisfied. "
Simon Lamond

"Excellent service online and also by telephone. Very approachable and helpful on the phone, made the whole process less stressful and easier than expected."
Cheryl Preston

"so far I’ve found the service very easy to use and the telephone helpline when i encountered a problem were extremely helpful"
Kenneth James Smith

"Very helpful, easy to use and most importantly always someone available to give advice "
Michael Mccarthy

"I am only at my first step of the divorce but so far contact has been good and instructions clear"
Louise Anne Byng

"I have found Managed Divorce UK to be a very trustworthy, reliable company."
Simon Lamond

"Thus far Managed Divorce UK has proven to be trustworthy, very helpful, a value-for-money organisation, and most of all, very patient and understanding. At this point in time, (as I am still to complete the remainder of this unfortunate but necessary process) I can fully endorse this service. I am sure, given a positive resolve to my own situation; that you too will be pleased for making that initial contact. "
Michael Harfield

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Managed Divorce UK is dedicated to providing the quickest and most cost effective divorce solutions and provides its services for uncontested divorces in England and Wales only.

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I called MD at 10am to buy the 24hr service and by 11.30am they had collected my forms from my house...astonishing service...thank you so much

Lucie Sodria