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"Very simple, straightforward layout. If the divorce runs a smoothly as the paperwork, it will be a simple process!"
Stephen Foster, Portsmouth

"Having just completed section one of the process i would have to say how easy to follow these forms are to complete. I am as things stand very satisfied with the service so far and hope the service remains the same standard throughout this whole process"
Daniel Williams

"Very good"
David Manning

"I have found this template one of the easiest I have ever had the pleasure of using, even at a difficult time like this. Thank You."
John Edward Harris

"So far so good, very impressed, hopefully the rest of the process will be as painless."
Paul Andrew Hawkings

"Very impressed at how easy it is to use and would recommend to anybody about it!"
Paul Dereck Davis

"This service is very simple and quick even when going through stressful times"
Kevin Tart

"Martine is absolutely helpful, she shows lots of interested in my case and she is always willing to help me in any questions i have through the phone or emails. i appreciate that a lot thanks!"
Angela Castillo

"Very prompt response to my application. Very happy so far."
Mr Gavin Buckby

Louise Victoria Travis

"Thus far, easy to use and a friendly service...."
Stacey Ali

"I am very pleased with the level of professionalism by your telephone staff, quickness of services and ease at which the process has been presented thus far. Divorce, as you are aware, is a very painful process - thankfully filing doesn't have to be!"
Elena Michel

"So far I have found the process surprisingly simple."
Barry Stewart Smith

"Fast, efficient and painless experience. All completed in the comfort of your home and you are able to review with your wife/husband to ensure all the details are correct and agreed upon"
Andrew Boroso

"I found the help guides and the site very easy to use. Best of all it was totally stress free."
Wayne Anderson Nurse

"This service is easy to use and clear. It is good to know you have one case manager and won\'t have to go through information several times!"
Elaine Price

"When up calling the Management Divorce they have been friendly and kind knowing that what one is doing is not easy, they try to help you to make it as easy as they can. All info has been send quickly and easy to understand. Thank you "
Willem Carel Van Der Merwe

"So far very happy with the service provided - both people I spoke to lovely and helpful and also a clear email sent to me telling me where I had not filled in bits correctly - thanks - "
Kristie Dinan

"Not until all the process is complete"
Carl Cassidy

"An excellent and simple process well managed and supported by competent and helpful staff"
Michael Fagan

"I would like to say that I found your website very comprehensible and exceedingly easy to use. If the service you continue to provide is similar to the already experienced, I shall be well and truly both satisfied and pleased."
Alan Edward Knight

"I found the questionnaire easy to complete, and on details I was unsure of, I used the freephone number and spoke to the legal team twice. On both occasions they were very helpful. "
Angela Stevens

"Beth has been brilliant and very understanding."
Carl Ratcliffe

"This made the whole process so much easier and I didn't have to worry about a thing."
Maria Gleeson

"The help and advice on the phone from Martine was what caused us to decide to go ahead with your service immediately. "
Tamsyn Elizabeth Stanton

"so far i am very pleased with your service, thank you."
Alistair Southgate

"a1 service"
Maldwyn Hall

"service was straightforward , informative and easy to use"
Paul Thomas Giblin

"They work hard to help you getting all the facts right They give you constant advise on what to improve They make live easier by help. "
Willem Carel Van Der Merwe

"Straightforward and uncomplicated. An excellent and sensitive service, congratulations. "
David Ford / Laura Ford

"i find it easy and helpful, i just hope thing goes easy and better like your web"
Zelana Nsimba

"So far your staff have been very helpful with the queries I have had and very efficient. Thank you for your help."
Marilyn Deeks

"so far I have been very happy with the service and the speed of response to any of my queries."
Carrie Gow

"So far so good and very helpful staff"
Michelle Guest

"I have just completed the first stage and, although a nervous moment, I felt pleased to know that help was just a phone call away if I had needed it. Hopefully the road to completion of the divorce will be just as smooth. "
Deborah Myres

"So far so good"
Michelle Guest

"Great service. Easy to use. Really innovative"
Edward Alagoa

"Very helpful on the phone "
Ann Oostehuizen

"I have only just started this procedure today and Beth was very helpful and understanding and your web site clear to follow."
Michelle Binnie

"Still so far so good"
Michelle Guest

"Easier than i thought and very helpful so far :o)"
Christina Ann Mulaghton

"Managed Divorce have given excellent advice in a friendly and easily understandable manner. As a result of this dealing with a complicated and potential emotive issue has been simplified and dealt with in a most business like and professional manner. I am also very impressed with the level of service in relation to the highly competitive charges for this service. I would like to particularly thank Beth for her help, advice and encouragement. "
David Lipman

"Excellent and easy to use service. An issue which can feel so daunting to most people was simplified perfectly."
Julie Bassett

"Excellent service that has lifted a lot of weight off my shoulders. Many thanks"
Maan Elrob

"Easy to use...even for someone who is not computer literate."
Joseph Gilea

"Where my marriage was such a terrifying experience, managed divorce are helping it to become a distant memory. The procedure is simple, which during a time of stress and anxiety is really necessary."
Amanda Shannon

"The people are very helpful & polite on the telephone ,the service is very easy to use thank you"
Stephen Roberts Sime

"Very efficient and re-assuring. "
Jeremy Peter Seymour

"In these difficult times the service I got from managed divorce made things so much easier."
Julie Bassett

"I have found this service very user friendly and would definitely recommend it to others. Thank you."
Peter James Hart

"Martine has been very understanding and guided me through the process so far and is always there at the end of the phone and responds to my email in record time"
Heidi Hill

"The forms proved were clear and intelligible. The help screens were appropriate and I felt very comfortable with the procedure."
Alan Damper

"Managed Divorce UK was very simple to use."
Margaret Mahseredjian

"After telephoning 'Managed Divorce' today, I found Beth to be very helpful & understanding. The questionnaire was very clear & understandable. I look forward to a final completion."
Beverley Gladwyn

"It’s great to always have help available if needed to make it a hard situation that bit easier. "
Kati Cowley

"A fairly straight forward questionnaire to complete once you have all the relevant information"
Glenn Glover

"Very easy to use forms and very helpful."
Gary Henderson

"The lady who I spoke to was very understanding and helpful this made the process so much easier and less stressful, the ladies name was Martine."
Ross Walker

"Form very helpful and support extremely helpful thankyou"
Gary Henderson

"I have found that Managed Divorce.UK is a very easy way of conducting a divorce. To date everything has progressed in a very efficient manner and I have found the Service and information provided online very easy to use indeed."
Alan Edward Knight

"Very helpful staff"
Beverley Gladwyn

"On speaking to Beth; I found her very helpful and non-judgemental. Divorce is a difficult subject at the best of times, but I found her patience and understanding very reassuring."
Karen George / Timothy Peter George

"A lifeline for people struggling with debt. Provides an opportunity for those struggling with debt to see a way forward, without compounding their situation (as would happen with conventional high street solicitors)."
Mark Davies

"Thank you for helping me with my divorce as I’m finding this very hard at the moment and you take the stress of solicitors and paper work away. Thank you."
Victoria Headley

"I am now in the second stage of my divorce. All my questions have been answered in a helpful and efficient way. This is a first class service."
Kevin Shingler

"Already done so."
Karen George / Timothy Peter George

"Once all has gone through."
Justin John Hook

"Extremely helpful and easy to use website with clear instructions on what to do and how to go about it with good help if you get stuck."
Thomas Ashley Jones

"If you provide me with a quick, pain free divorce."
Julie Thorpe

"I will do so when the process is complete"
Mrs Lesley BIrkett

"I have no complaints re the service so far. I had a few queries when completing stage one of the process but these were answered very patiently and politely on phoning. "
James Eldred

"So far so good"
James Eldred

"Simple, easy and value for money"
Jason Gunn

"Helpful on the telephone, sympathetic and easy to understand"
Tracy Ann Jones

"Still so far so good"
James Eldred

"Found the service easy to use and the staff very helpful "
Karen Ives / Ryan Lindsay

"A quick and easy to use service with no hassle. "
Anthony Jobling

"So far very impressed - just hope it stays that way :-)"
Gareth Lodge

"I have so far found the service easy to use and would recommend to friends and family."
Dorrett Mellony Douglas

"At difficult times such as this, all you want is something straightforward and hassle free, up until now this service has provided this."
Susan Pierce

"Very easy to use and understand with good help information when needed"
Deborah Pollard

"Continued support from staff at every stage has been offered and made a very difficult process a lot easier"
Simon Peter Golder

"I would just like to say that the lady I spoke to on the phone primarily was very helpful and informative. So far the service has asked the right questions. However, I would like to be asked for the same testimonial at the completion of the service to see If the service lives up to the professional front that is advertised and the time span that was given to complete the divorce is correct ......... "
Steve Scott

"I was pretty apprehensive about using a faceless internet company to handle something so sensitive but so far i have found using this service very straight forward, everything is written in plain English and a very friendly women dealt with my queries/order and i have already started the ball rolling in working towards getting my divorce and hopefully moving on with my life ! "
Christine Begg

"I am very nervous about this whole ordeal, but have never thought it could be as easy as it is so far. These people really are extremely helpful. I am so glad i used them. I just hope all gets resolved extremely quickly in record time."
Mohammed Ramjan

"Following my initial application on line, the phone call I received was both friendly and helpful, although it cost me more money as I upgraded the service I was using! An easier option overall though."
Claire Allen

"Excellent!! And very easy to use...especially in England this is an oasis of customer service heaven in a dry, generally cynical and usually apathetic culture (where customer service in concerned I mean)."
David Leckenby

"Very helpful customer service team"
Rosa Gomez

"For me this service is a perfect solution as my divorce should be a very simplistic transactional process, this facility suitably provides this. Very cost effective & simplistic to facilitate. "
Tracy Claydon

"The young lady on the phone was very helpful and the forms easy to fill in."
Angela Payne

"so far the service has been excellent, they never get tired of silly questions. "
Alex Bristol

"So far quicky divorce have been professional more than helpful with my divorce petition. "
Paul Osborne

"Your service is very good, I just needed to improve my competence to complete the process."
Theresa Andrews

"I have had a terrible time over the last year but Managed Divorce was so helpful and user freindly. Thank you"
Deborah Spencer Evans

Serwaa Oppen

"Very simple, straightforward layout. If the divorce runs a smoothly as the paperwork, it will be a simple process!"
Stephen Foster

"So far so good. Staff i have talked to, have been helpful."
Gastervous Bawalenzo Katumba

"the service i have received was top class i started my divorce on a Tuesday had all questionnaire filled out that day and had a reply back within 24 hours i had to ring the help line to ask a question and it was answered at the time of the call i would recommend this service to my friends if they need it well done to all at managed divorce "
Emma Reygate

"So far the service has been good, not that I have much experience of divorces!"
Paul Ainsworth

"Great service so far, thanks !"
Amanda Marriott

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I called MD at 10am to buy the 24hr service and by 11.30am they had collected my forms from my house...astonishing service...thank you so much

Lucie Sodria